Tales of adventure and woe, but mostly adventure. There is a backlog, be patient.

You’ll find me in the 2017 March/April edition of Wild Magazine, still on the shelves!

The Finn and Aidan Show
View the route

In December 2016 I went on an adventure with Finn. We rode from Hurstbridge to Lilydale via Kinglake National Park, Toolangi State Forest and the Acheron Way over three days and had a ball. This article is blessed to contain a decent swathe of Finn’s fabulous photography as well, some of which was featured in Wild Magazine.

Hinterland Bike Heaven[external]

A trip up to Big River with old mate James gave me an opportunity to ride my fat bike in the forest for the first time. Published in RideOn magazine, Australia’s most widely read bike magazine.

Fat Weekender[external]
View the route

A solo adventure leaving Pakenham at midnight. Rolling out into the night to visit the Ada tree and having a wild adventure. Published on We Are Explorers.

Shayne’s Thoughts

Old mate Shayne came for a ride with me, we went through Kinglake and Toolangi, read what it was like to be riding in the GFNP through his poetic words.

El Segundo

The second ride was great. Diverse. Challenging. Eye-opening. Toolangi, The Black Range and a teaser of the Rubicon. First trip on an XC bike.

First Ride in the GFNP

The first ride was difficult, and it broke a bike. It was a fantastic adventure with my friend Sam, it taught me a lot.

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